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When shipping phones, material, parts and locks
ship to:


1422 Clarlemont Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA. 91475

Please speak with Jody concerning shipping costs, as this will vary according to size, weight and distance.

(626) 219-4006 Cell     (626) 692-9161 Voice

When requesting service, a signed letter of authorization is required;
The letter must state that you are the owner of the lock, part or key to be serviced and that you are giving your permission to perform the work.

As a further precaution,

When shipping material through the mail service or UPS it is recommended that you take a photo of the item(s) prior to packaging.  If possible, include a copy of the photo with your shipment so that it can be compared to the items recieved (this would be of value if the the item is of an extremely unusual shape or design).  If you are aware of any pre-existing damage please indicate this in your letter, as this will help to save time and confusion.

We regularly check all material we recieve for possible damage and will notify you if this is the case.  It is vary rare that items are damaged, but on occassion it does happen. This precaution is as much for your protection as it is ours. As always it is good practice to insure any item being shipped.

When purchasing items we can only accept: Master Charge, Visa or Money Orders,  personal checks will not be accepted as varifcation is difficult and time consuming.

Payphone Lock and Repair

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